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• I Really Wanted That Camera •

I’m in bed with flu! I’ve wanked myself dry, why is porn so freely available on line all of a sudden? They must know when men have wanked themselves in to a stupor their thoughts turn to violence. Mine certainly do.

When I was at school I’d thieve from my mates’ houses when ever i got an invite. Mostly I took loose change or an ornament that caught my eye, bit of cheap jewellery here and there. Once, I stole a Nikon camera, my best mate’s old man’s. Unfortunately, they suspected me and the police came to our house and took it off me, i was gutted. I built up a natural resentment for that family for calling the police. I really wanted that camera.

About ten years later, after we’d left school and lost touch, i heard my best mate’s old man died from lung cancer, that cheered me up but i couldn’t help wondering what they did with his camera.