• Dr. Amp’s Monologue •

• Dr. Amp’s Monologue •

 Russ Tamblyn’s first monologue as Dr. Amp, AKA Dr. Jacoby.
Aired during Part 10 of Twin Peaks Season 3 on 16th July, 2017.


It’s seven o’clock.
You know where your freedom is?

Coming to you alive and electrified from Studio A, high atop the escarpments of White Tail Peak. The roof, ruf ruf, of the American Hindu Kush. This is Doctor Amp, doing the math for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice, and lighting the lamp for freedom.

So, what’s on your mind tonight?
I mean, you know I’m going to tell you what’s on mine…

We’re sinking down deep in the mud, and the fucks are at it again. The same vast global corporate conspiracy, different day. You can’t see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? I’ve got one, and its beam penetrates the igneous rocks of ignorance. It flips that rock over and there they are exposed, wriggling, squirming, crawling on their bellies like fowl maggots, frantically racing back to the cover of darkness that they so crave. We’re coming for you, yeah we’re coming for you. Let’s just see what they’re cooking up today.

Know the ingredients, read what’s on the box, in fact read between the lines. What’s lurking in that toaster waffle, those muffins, that frozen children’s treat. Poisons, deadly poisons, that’s what’s there. And, what’s waiting for you? Cancer, leukemia, auto-immune disorders, pulmonary embolism, warts, psoriasis, eczema, cardiac arrest, where are the cops when we need them, anorexia, body image bullshit, microbial toxins, bacterial toxins, environmental toxins, our air, our water, our earth, the very soil itself, our food, our bodies poisoned, poisoned…

[Sips tea] Yes, huckleberry extract in clean boiled water from the pure artesian springs of White Tail Peak. Yeah, fuck that Acai berry shit from the Amazon.

In the immortal words of Pete Seeger, “If I had a hammer.” Guess what? I’ve got a hammer.
You must see, hear, understand, and act, act now.

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