• List of Fictional Works in Gargantua & Pantagruel •

• List of Fictional Works in Gargantua & Pantagruel •

 First Published in 1532
Gargantua & Pantagruel
is a garrulous pantology
written by Benedictine monk
Alcofribas Nasier [Francois Rabelais]


Abbots’ Donkey-Size Pricks

Advanced Asslicking, for Graduate Students

Adversus quemdam qui vocaverat eum fripponatorem, et quod fripponatores non sunt damnati ab Ecclesia, by Sutor

Alchemists’ Windpipes

And Cheese, Too

Antidotarium animae, by Merlin Coccaius

Antipericatamentanaparbeugedamphibricationes, or Discussions on All Manner of Subjects by Shit Monks

Ars honeste petandi in societate, by Hardouin de Graetz

Astrology’s Chimney Sweep

Badinatorium Sophistarum

Ball-biting Promoters

Barbouilamenta Scoti, by Scotus

Batwing Hats for Cardinals

Begging Monks’ Stew

Bell Ringers’ Ballgames

Bigot’s Stew

Bigua salutis

Bishops’ Antidotes for Aphrodisiacs

The Bishops’ Bagpipes

Blinders for the Road to Rome

Boots for the Stouthearted

Bragueta juris

Cacatorium medicorum

Callibistratorium caffardie, actore M. Jacobo Hostratem hereticometra, by Jacobo Hostratem

Campi clysteriorum, by Symphorien Champier

Cardinal Cajetan’s Whinnyings

Catalogue of Academic Candidates

The Chains of Religion

Cheated Husbands in Court

Close-Shaven Clerks, by Ockham

The Clownishness of Little Priests

Commercial Rope Tricks

The Cost of Letting Monks Beg

The Crucible of Contemplation

Cullebutatorium confratiarm

De auferibilitate pape ab ecclesia, by Gerson

De Baboinis et cingis, cum commento Dorbellis, by Marmotretus

De batisfolagiis principium, by R. Lullius

De bobelinandis glosse Accursiane baguenaudis repetitio enucidiluculidissiam, by Pilloti Raquedenari

De brodiorum usa et honestate chopinandi, by Silvester of Priero

De cagotis tollendis, by Justinianus

De calcaribus removendis decades undecium, by Aubry de Rosata

De capreolis cum chardoneta comedendis, tempore Papali ab Ecclesia interdicto, by Pasquilli

De castrametandis crinibus, by Ejusdem

De compotationibus mendicantium, by Friar Lubinus

De croquendis lardonibus, by Reverend Father Friar Lubinus

De Differentiis soupparum, by Guillaume Briçot

De emulgentiarum profectibus enneades novem, cum privilegio papeli ad triennium, et posteanon, by Bishop Boudarinus

De grabellationibus horarum canonicarum lib. quadraginta by Maîstre Fripesaulcetis

De Magistro nostrandorum magistro nostratorumque beuvetis lib. octo galantissimi, by Chaultcouillon

De modo cacandi, by Tartaretus

De modo faciendi boudinos, by Majoris

De moustarda post prandium servienda lib. quatuordecium, apostilati per M. Vaurillon, by M. N. Rostocostojambedanesse

De optimitate triparum, by Beda

De originbe patepelutarum et torticollorum ritibus lib. septem, by Moillegroin

De patria diabolorum, by Merlin Coccaius

De pelendis mascarendisque cardinalium mulis, by Marforius

De re militari, cum figuris Tevoti, by Franctopinus

De terribiliditate excommunicationum libellus acephalos, by Jo. Dytebrodius

De usa et utilitate escorchandi equos et equas, by “Our Master of Quebecu”

De vita et honestate braguardorum by Lourdadus

Decretum universitatis Parisiensis super gorgiasitate muliercularum ad placitum

Decrotarorium scholarium

Dribbling Tipplings by Useless Bishops

Fairy Tales of the Law

Faking the Holy Cross

Folk Dances for Heretics

Forcible Removal in Matters Requiring a Conscience

Formicarium artium

Fun With Dice

Garters, or Patience’s Knee-Boots

The Guzzlers’ Den, by Alcofrybas Nasier

Heretics’ Hides

Heroes’ Elephant Balls

The History of Elves, Brownies, and Hobgoblins

How a Vision of Saint Gertrude Appeared to a Nun, at Poissy, When She Went into Labor

How Fast Friars Fool Around

How Grabby Beggars Grab, collected by Brother Cut-your-wallet

How Priests Cover Themselves

How Priests Say No

How to Get to the Bottom, in Discipline

How to Keep It Up Till You’re Ninety

How to Make a Nobleman Shut Up

How Virgins Shit

How Wine Spurs You On

Humility’s Worn-out Shoe

The Hungry Jaws of Lawyers

Incessant Fartings of Ecclesiastical Scriveners: Scribes, Copyists, Abbreviators, Court Clerks, and Calendar Fixers, compiled by Regis

Ingeniositas invocandi diabolos et diabolas, by Guingolfus

Judges’ Bulging Bellies

Ladies’ Finger Bells

Landing in Brazil, by Antonio de Leva

Lawyers’ Complaints about the Abolition of Bribes

Lyripipi Sorbonici Moralisationes, by Lupoldus

Magistrates in Cat Fur

Magnanimity’s Stewpot

Making Money on Indulgences

Malogranatum vitiorum

Maneries ramonandi fournellos, by Eccius

Marriage Tied Around with a String

Misers’ Mountains

Monks’ Cowls

The Musty Mustard-Pot of Penitence

The Notary’s Basket

Official Swindlers

Old Soldiers and Other Bums

On the Clownishness of Country Priests

On the Serving of Mustard after Meals, fourteen volumes, collected by M. Vaurillon

Pantofla decretorum

Peas in Lard, with commentary

Perpetual Almanac for Those Afflicted with Gout or the Pox

The Pharmacists’ Fart Sucker

Piety’s Handcuffs

Pleasures of the Monastic Life

Poetasters’ Bellybuttons

Poiltronismus rerum Italicarum, by Etienne Brulefer

Political Glue

A Pot for All Seasons

The Preacher’s Featherduster by a bum

Prognostication, by Songecruyson, the “Master of Useless Dreams”

Quaestio subtilissima, utrum Chimera in vacuo bombinans possit comedere secundus intentiones, et fuit debatuta per decem hebdomadas in concilio Constantiensi

Rear-Flapping Trousers for Shitheads

Roman Fanfares

Stories of the Kings of Canarre, by Marotus du Lac

Stratagemata Francharchieri de Bagnolet

Stupid Noises by Celestine Monks

Surgery’s Kiss-My-Ass

The Sweat Stink of Spaniards, by Iñigo de Loyola

Tarraballationes Doctorum Coloniensium adversus Reuchlin

Theologians’ Rat Traps

Theology’s Tennis Ball

Thieves’ Dens

Travelers’ Trinkets

Tricks by Trixies and Elves

The Tripe-Pod of Noble Thought

Virevoustatorium nacquettorum by F. Pedebilletis

What Bothers Priests about Holy Confession

Why Hermits Have Pendulous Beards

Why Monkeys Smack Their Lips When They Pray

Widows’ Bald Asses

Worm Powder for the Poor


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