• Pledge of Independents •

• Pledge of Independents •

The Abbey Bookshop
29. rue de la Parcheminerie
75005 Paris


At first independent bookshops were threatened; now, as widely reported in the media this summer, so are publishers. If there is one industry that demands diversity, it is the book trade: information and ideas must not become dependent on a single supplier. Let us not be misled by that corporation, which, trying to monopolize the market, dared to name itself after the river basin which hosts the world’s greatest source of diversity.

As independent booksellers our response to this crisis is to offer readers the opportunity to take a stand, and to reward them for doing so with the “Pledge of Independents”. More precisely, taking the pledge means promising to purchase most of your books from independent booksellers, and not from Amazon, a website which uses unfair competition, demeaning labour practices and tax evasion to stifle bookshops and force publishers to yield to their demands.

To thank you, associated bookshops (now present in four countries) will give you a Pledge card that entitles you to a 5% discount (a modest amount, yes, but the maximum discount on new books allowed in France) and other benefits of the bookseller’s choosing. Most of all you will support the vitality of bookshops in general and your neighbourhood one in particular.

To take the pledge you can visit any associated bookshop, namely the Abbey Bookshop if you are in Paris. If you prefer, send us a facebook message, or an email to the address below. For further information and a list of associated bookshops, please see our Facebook page.

Ask at your local independent bookshop about this scheme. 

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