• Two Pieces from Hamish Rush •

• Two Pieces from Hamish Rush •

Salford born Hamish Rush is an actor and writer,
and sometime dweller of Whalley Range forest.

A Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama graduate,
he will be starring in Lies We Tell (BIFA, 2016)
alongside Gabriel Byrne and Gina McKee.


• 2 •

2: if you’re ever part of a life painting clan and you have an attractive father
bring them along.

They’d be asked to join
And they’d get stolen by the teacher.

And you’ll be drawing them before you know it.

Every crevice.
Every bollock.
Every single pube on their arse.
The most secret of positions in public.

With red stains round their lips
and rolling eyes
and naked
and dead.

And you’ll be drawing them before you know it
and you wouldn’t even realise.
You’d be drawing someone else’s fetish
but it’d be your blood as well.

Despite the disappearance your mother would put the drawing on the fridge forever.

Beat, turns to 1

The safety word is mum.

1: good. It’s more acceptable.



I have to confess
I am in love with a Tree.

The Herring hunter
distracted me.

You will find no golden herring here
the slime is all you’ll get!

My infrastructure love
creates its own slim waist shaven boundaries
and grafts;
It Welfares
Florence who lost life giving birth on ripples of Valencia,
A husky Angel
over Dani’s ample skeletal left over ribs,
Flat tired isosceles,
-on a budget- the mourners
of hapless farmers sunk in sand
dropping crucifix builder cones
on their heads,
And an arrow
for the Postmen who sweat
touring every siamese Ship
now a tavern in cluster coast.
I should’ve took a picture for the lonely Homefront.



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