Author: Nick Power
Design & Publication: erbacce Press

Publication Date: Dec 2015
Format: Paperback (B)
Perfect Bound
Printing: Digital
Category: Poetry

ISBN: 9781907878770

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…and before you can say

“Holy Nowhere!”
“Cardinal Heenan!”
“St. John Bosco!”
“Archbishop Blanche!”

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 ~ • Synopsis • ~

Nick Power says…
“The collection is a view of a city from a high vantage point over the river. Much of the work is set at night high up on construction cranes or warehouses and electricity substations. A recurring symbol in the book as seen on the cover, is the pharmacy crucifix. It crops up in a few of the pieces to represent how the cult of religion and the cult of drugs are essentially the same. The work concerns heightened emotion about love, death and hopelessness – but in a way a teenager would feel. Imagine a teenage paean to love and death, like S.E Hinton’s The Outsiders set in a Northwest England shit-town.”

Nick Power resides in Hoylake, Merseyside and is a member of the band The Coral. Holy Nowhere is his second collection of poetry.


 ~ • Praise for Holy Nowhere • ~

The collection of poems, called Holy Nowhere build on Power’s previous work, Small Town Chase, which chronicled growing up in a provincial town in the north of England.
Liverpool Echo

“The whole thing segues into a hazy, at times boozy, hymn to the tumult of life. It’s hard not to get swept away.”
Sonder Magazine