• Lost: A Found Story •
Concept & Publication: Team Trident Press
Editor: Lisa Lorenz
Cover Design: Lisa Lorenz

Publication Date: February 2017
Format: Hardback
Linen Cloth Bound & Embossed
Concertina Folded with Belly Band
Printing: RISO EZ570
Category: Biography, Photography,
Found Art

Limited Edition


Dedicated to all love
lost and found.


~ • Synopsis • ~

The artefacts which constitute this book were discovered in summer 2013, scattered in a box full of vintage postcards at Manchester’s curious Empire Exchange. The recovery of letters, passports, snapshots and poems from Sue and John allowed for their story to unfold, make sense and yet confound words and time. All is fiction, until John and Sue reveal their truth to us, wherever they may be today.

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