Author: Nick Power
Design & Publication: erbacce Press

Publication Date: Dec 2013
Format: Paperback (B)
Perfect Bound
Printing: Digital
Category: Poetry

ISBN: 9781907878619


Who could disown
themselves now?

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~ • Synopsis • ~

Nick Power says…
“I wouldn’t call it poetry as such, or even lyrics. It’s just a world created through words and I think you’ve got to create that sort of world in whatever you’re doing, whether it is music, film, literature or art. If it’s real or unreal enough for people to lose themselves in then you’ve succeeded. That’s all I have ever been looking for, whether that was with The Coral or in Small Town Chase.”

Nick Power is a musician and author from Merseyside. Hear his debut collection read by a selection of his luminaries.


~ • Praise for Small Town Chase • ~

“Nick Power conjures a half-barren, primitive place that teeters between rural desolation and the urban everyday.”
Laura Davis – Liverpool Echo

“A mixture of character studies, surreal flights of fancy and twisted short stories, in places book almost serves as an out of focus autobiography, where the names and places have been changed to obscure the identities of persons living or deceased.”
Bearded Magazine

“With its poetic evocation of small town strangeness and nostalgic coming of age adventures, Small Town Chase, Power’s debut collection of poetry, loosely chronicled growing up in a provincial town in the north of England.”