• VAPOURS (Early Works) •

Author: Natalie Curtis
Design & Publication: PARIAH PRESS
Steven Cherry (Sleeve)

Publication Date: Early 2017
Format: Paperback (190mm x 125mm)
Section Sewn
Printing: Lithograph
Category: Photography

ISBN: 9780993037825

Price: TBC
Pre-Order: TBA

A photographic anti-diary.

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~ • Synopsis • ~

VAPOURS (Early Works) is the debut photo book from Natalie Curtis. Spanning a four year post-university period through which she honed her photographic expertise and process. The work is a candid, chronological representation of her diverse personal and professional milieu, captured within environments ostensibly conventional, yet as disconcerting as the array of personalities that the images strive to depict. From band practice rooms in Manchester to the eerie vistas of Los Angeles, via the notorious bullrings of Madrid, this is the powerful and distinctive work from an artist at the very conception of her mode.